CARRY 107 Electric Power

Ecological without sacrifices.

Batteries:  Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (Li-Fe-PO4) 80Ah 48V rated (two standard battery packs)

Charging time:  2 hours

Autonomy:  2 hours

Speed control:  Three speed selector

Operating load:  700 kg

It is the bigger sister of the smaller Carry 105 EP, from which however it has borrowed its reliability and respect for the environment. Easy to use, maintain, manage and refuel. Extreme efficiency to reduce management costs, low noise and vibration levels, zero emissions and maximum productivity. Compared to the Carry 105 EP, this innovative minidumper is equipped with two interchangeable battery packs, which increase its autonomy. Automatic idle and intelligent speed control ensure efficiency by maximizing productivity. Lower operating costs (no filters, engine oil and spark plugs) compared to corresponding machines with internal combustion engines. The charging system is easy thanks to the interchangeable batteries. The greater load capacity makes this minidumper a useful and valuable partner on the construction site.