KATO IMER is back from the public success of SMOPYC 2023

22 January 2024

The recent exhibition of the entire range of KATO products at the SMOPYC fair held in November 2023 in
Zaragoza (Spain) makes us proud of the consolidated partnership with the Spanish importer COZAMAQ S.L. and with the Moliner family who masterfully manages this important entrepreneurial reality with
headquarters in the same Aragonese capital. The success reserved for our products by the public who
flocked to the exhibition center in large numbers only underline that the positive sales data of KATO IMER S.p.A. in Spain, recorded in 2023 compared to the already satisfactory ones of the previous year (+15.5%), did not they are the result of chance but of the consolidated professionalism of our Spanish partner and the quality of the KATO offer.

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